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Bubi Bottle helps you prevent the common dangers of back-to-school season
With the back-to-school season among us, parents & teachers must be aware of the dangers of dehydration, heavy backpacks, and BPA drinking bottles can cause to students. Read more…

Family Review Center reviews Bubi Bottle- Here’s what they had to say:
Family Review Center finds Bubi Bottle “totally amazing”! Check out their review on us here. Read more…

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“Whether you’re toting H2O or hot tea, the silicone Bubi Bottle keeps you happy and hydrated.” – Health Magazine

“The bubi bottle rolls up for easy packing, is puncture-resistant, can store dry and wet goods, and can be heated over fire to boil water.” – Oxygen Magazine

“Bubi Bottle isn’t another BPA-free, mold resistant, lightweight, yada yada yada [insert all that good stuff here] water bottle. It’s all those things, and more.” – Paste Magazine