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dog bowldog bowl

Bubi Bowl for Pets and Friends


We wanted to take the stress out of keeping our pet hydrated while traveling, at restaurants, or on trips to the park. Stainless steel or plastic bowls are bulky and hard to store. They also make lots of metal noise which can be disruptive and quite annoying at times. We wanted to make a product that made pet life a little easier. So that’s why we created the Multi-Use Bübi Bowl, it fits in your pocket or can be clipped onto a leash for portability. We consider our pets to be family, so why not give them the best material? Our bowls are pet-safe and kid-safe.

Equip with a 414ml / 14 oz, 650 ml / 22 oz, or 1L / 35 oz


Bübi Hatch (For 22 Oz.)


BPA Free Reusable Collapsible Silicone Water Bottles – bübi hatch, insulator

The bübi hatch is designed to help your silicone water bottle maintain both high and low temperatures. Because the unique, packable bübi bottle is so usefully squishy, normal insulators will fall off. The bübi hatch is designed with a cord to secure your bottle as you put it through the paces.

  • Special loop to hold on bottle
  • Insulates to keep hot or cold
  • Valcro to hold tight
  • Maintains bottle flexability
  • Special pocket to hold credit card, keys or money
  • Strap to hold while running

Replacement Carabiner


Clip & Go: Clip bubi onto your backpack or bag and get on the go.

BPA Free Reusable Collapsible Silicone Water Bottles – Carabiners

The small carabiner fits the 14 oz. bottle while the large fits the 22 oz. bottle and is designed to clip and hold the bottle when rolled. Alternatively, leather cords can be used if you need a quick fix until the replacement shows up.


Replacement Plain Cap


Team Colors: Represent your favorite sports team by mix and matching your cap and bottle.
Business Colors: Accessorize your coworkers with your corporate colors.
Mix & Match: Customize your bottle with our colored caps.

bubi Bottle Retainer

Replacement Retainer


BPA Free Reusable Collapsible Silicone Water Bottles – Retainers

The retainer is an integral part of the bottle keeping the cap and threads attached to the bottle, please do not use the bottle without this retainer. It is one of the patented parts. It comes in clear colour only.

Bübi Bottle Thread

Replacement Thread


BPA Free Reusable Collapsible Silicone Water Bottles – Threads

The thread is what the cap attaches to, it works on the entire bubi line of products.