BPA Free Reusable Portable Collapsible Silicone Water Bottles

The revolutionary, multifunctional bübi bottle is made of medical-grade silicone and can safely handle much more than ordinary water bottles: coffee, tea, medical supplies etc.

Q: How puncture proof is the bubi bottle?

A: In a unique field test,  a 9 footalligator chomped on  our bubi bottle for 10 minutes. Result? It took a while to get the bottle away from the gator, but it had no punctures. So if you are not in a fight with a gator, we believe the bubi bottle will handle your gym or book bag well.

We also shot the bubi bottle with a 9mm, and well the bullet went through the bottle, which is extreme, but it did not leak until squeezed.

Q: Will the bubi bottle retain odors?

A: The bottle is silicone, not plastic, and with care will not retain odors. There are a few things you can do to keep your bubi bottle fresh:

1. Use filtered water. Unfiltered water has bacteria, and over a short time will cause a stale odor.
2. Precondition the bottle before first use by adding boiling hot soapy water, sloshing it around, and rinsing thoroughly again with hot boiling water.
3. Washing suggestions: wash promptly, do not use bleach, baking soda etc.
4. You can also turn your bubi bottle inside out to scrub the inside from the outside. Simply disassemble the cap assembly including the carabiner, add soapy water, slosh around and push the bottom through the top to wash the inside from the outside. Reverse the process when finished. Watch this video for demonstration.

Q: Is it safe to freeze the bubi bottle?

A: Yes. It has been tested, simply fill the bubi bottle with filtered water, twist on the cap, and place in the freezer. The bottle will expand as it freezes and return to its shape while thawing. The silicone bubi material acts as an insulator while thawing and will retain the cold longer than normal single wall bottles.  Use as a cold compress, freezer pack, just fill half full and wrap a wrist or ankle, or simply to keep water ice-cold for drinking later.

Some even freeze a bubi and bottle to place in a picnic basket, lunch box or back pack to keep food cold for the day.  The ideas continue to be brought to us through users of the bottles.

Q: Can I really put coffee or boiling water in the bubi bottle?

A: Yes. The bubi bottle is made high grade silicone and thoroughly enjoys hot liquids. The bottle can also be used as a soothing hot compress pillow when flying, camping or that long car ride.  Even good for cramps, just fill half full.

Q: Can I really heat my water or food in the bubi bottle over a campfire?

A: Yes. the bubi bottle is made from high grade silicone and can be placed over a campfire, sterno, or on a stove, keep the temp to around 400 degrees and yes the bottle may turn black from the soot, but it will wash off the bottle, It has been tested to take 10-12 minutes to get the water boiling.

Now the precaution,  the bottle will be hot after this, that is why we have the carabiner, use it at the end of a stick or mitt, to take off the fire.

Q: Does the bubi bottle leak?

A: The bubi bottle has been carefully designed to close tightly. The only times it has failed is because the mouthpiece is not pushed into the neck of the bottle enough. Make sure the mouthpiece is 1/8″ below the neck of the bottle; the exposed silicone is your seal. Watch the video below to learn more.

Q: What if I lose a part to my bubi bottle?

A:  Should you lose a part, cap, inner retainer or outside threads, don’t worry. We have a page where you can find the replacement parts you need.